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Film and television productions are complex and varied projects in which organisation, coordination and, last but not least, costing are important factors. The artistic aspect does not play the main role in the economic and organizational focus. The responsibility for a production lies in the hands of the production manager, who is actively supported by a production assistant. However, the definition of the production assistant is not uniform in all production companies, which can often lead to irritations. Further deviations can also be found in the English language, especially for US productions. 

While in some independent companies the production secretary is referred to as the production assistant, in other companies – including public broadcasters – the production assistant reports directly to the production manager and takes over some of his tasks, such as calculation and coordination. With the appropriate experience, a production assistant often carries out smaller film and television projects on his own. 

The area of responsibility also depends on the scope of the project, the size of the team and the genre. When looking for a job, applicants should therefore not primarily focus on the job description, but should take a closer look at the actual tasks in order to get an impression of the field of activity. In addition to enthusiasm for the film industry, good commercial and calculatory knowledge as well as sound legal (basic) knowledge in the areas of contract and labour law are important prerequisites. 

Knowledge of English, computer skills, typing and a driving licence are nowadays mostly indispensable, further foreign language skills are helpful depending on the project. Since the film business is often hectic, high resilience and a cool head in stressful situations are indispensable. There are different ways to start your career, ranging from internships to traineeships and trainee programs. 

friendz GmbH supports the production assistant not only during production on the set, but also in obtaining official permits, filming permits or location scouting.

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