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Frankfurt: Mainhattan as a film city

December 12, 2019

Frankfurt is lively and active in many areas of life and the economy. In the fields of art and culture, film has become indispensable in Frankfurt. The German Film Institute (DIF) was founded here back in 1949 and is now the oldest German film science institute. Since 2006, the DIF has also run the German Film Museum, one of Germany's most important cultural institutions. At Frankfurt's Goethe University, the Institute for Theatre, Film and Media Studies is also engaged in teaching and research, including film and media presentation. For film fans and cineasts, not only multiplex cinemas provide the best entertainment, but also numerous cinemas that convince with their sophisticated and varied cinema programmes. 

One of the most coveted film prizes is the Hessische Film- und Kinopreis, which is awarded every year at the Alte Oper Frankfurt by the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts together with the Hessian Film Fund as part of the Frankfurt Book Fair. The prizes in the various categories are endowed with a total of 185,000 euros. In addition, the unendowed Hessische Fernsehpreis has been awarded since 2007. 

But Frankfurt is not only a city in which film and cinema are viewed from a scientific or cultural perspective, it is also where film takes place. The Main metropolis is the scene for film and television almost every day. Whether it's a feature film, series or commercial, Frankfurt is the place for filming everywhere. To ensure that the filming process runs smoothly, permission must be obtained in any case before filming begins. This is particularly important for filming in public places, pedestrian zones or other public traffic areas. 

The team of friendz GmbH supports international filmmakers not only during the production in Frankfurt on set, but also in obtaining official permits, filming permits or location scouting. We have the know-​how and the necessary contacts. 

Because the heart beats for film in Frankfurt and the metropolis with its convenient location in the heart of Germany and Europe is a popular film location, numerous companies from the film industry and corresponding service providers have also settled here. From animation studios and film technology to sound and audio production, everything the filmmaker's heart desires is represented here. These advantages are certainly also the reasons why successful production has been and continues to be realised in Frankfurt. Whether classics like "Ein Fall für zwei" and "Tatort", but also "Die Kommissarin", "Das Mädchen Rosemarie" as well as "Bandits" and "Schneewittchen muss sterben" were staged in Frankfurt. 

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