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The film production: In four steps to the finished film

December 12, 2019

From the idea to the finished film it is a long and labour-​intensive way for all involved. Whether it's a cinema, television or advertising film, the process is similar for all film productions. First of all, the artistic and economic/​organizational areas must be distinguished. The artistic area, for which the director of a film production is responsible, includes not only the director himself but also the camera, set design, make-​up and costume. The organisational and economic area includes, for example, production management, film management, production management and production management. The producer is responsible for him. In order for the film project to succeed, direction and production must work closely together.

The film production itself is divided into different phases. Development and financing are followed by pre-​production, which includes location scouting, putting together the film team and casting the actors. After the pre-​production the shooting takes place. The resulting material is then used in post-​production, i.e. post-​production, to produce the finished film. 

Before the shooting can begin, appropriate locations have to be found, because not all shots can and should be made in the film studio. If outdoor shots are required, location scouts usually come into play. They are given artistic guidelines by the director and set designer, which have to be taken into account when looking for a location. Before they suggest a location for the shoot, they clarify the infrastructure and other special features and make a preliminary request for the filming permit. Only when all the information is available does the location scout propose the selected location to the director. If the location scout agrees, the film is forwarded to the production manager, who then organizes the shooting on location. 

The shooting itself takes place in the studio and at the original locations according to a previously defined shooting schedule. This is determined by the production logistics and does not correspond to the actual sequence of the later film scenes. In addition to the shooting period, the shooting schedule also specifies the number of shooting days required. It also takes into account when motifs (i.e. locations), actors, any animals required, extras and special effects are available. The shooting takes place at the previously determined locations and the selected motifs. A 90-​minute film is shot on 20 to 40 different motifs. If the entire crew is on site with the required equipment, there is no longer talk of a motif, but of a film set or short set. 

We, the team of friendz GmbH support filmmakers not only during the production on the set, but also support you in obtaining official permits, filming permits or location scouting.  

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