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friends will be friendz - right till the end ...

Thank you for being a friendz!

When you’re troubled and you need a helping hand …


Everyone needs friends! In situations in which a good friend seems to be the only solution, the courageous ones come to mind very quickly. For example, the one who has to organize them filming of a movie somewhere in a strange city, or has to coordinate an event in a very short time. Or the one who is responsible for a large cinema or a top hotel and has to assurance a smooth event. He also has to make sure that thousands of guests experience a successful event organisation.

why us

Our know-​how and experience for your success

With our friendz group, we have formed support teams for a number of contemporary high-​end industries with years of experience in the respective field.

Our employee

Friendz employees are the first choice for many demanding clients because of their dedicated attitude, their flexibility and their rapidly acquired expertise.

Our service mentality: passion and reliability

We love our work and grow with new requirements. Reliability means inner connectedness and a partnership based on mutual trust.

what we do

It is hard to find motivated and qualified local staff. They quickly say: does not work!” or that costs extra!” No trace of identification with the client’s performance goals, seemingly zero flexibility and resilience, but boundless demands on the fee, if they consider themselves the top dog in the local industry.

with a little help …

How quickly does the dedicated doer yearn for something like a true friend, one who knows exactly what’s important! A good friend says, nothing is impossible”! Or at least,” we’ll handle it!” And he is not regarding it as an opportunity to rob the other. A good friend never demands blind trust, but always offers a platform to control and steer all jointly designed processes.

A good friend is not full of himself, but is always available when it’s burning and always knows how to help.

….well, you’ll get by with a little help from your friendz

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