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Creation of complete security concepts


Conceptual consulting in the planning and implementation of events with the aim of optimizing all measures to protect visitors.

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The creation of complete security concepts (for crowd control, venue design and evacuation) for large and small events is done by qualified and experienced security experts (factory security masters) in cooperation with organizers, authorities and emergency services.

Conceptual consulting for the planning and execution of events and shows with the aim of optimising all protective measures for guests

Translating legal requirements for protection against fire and catastrophic events into intelligent and economically justifiable measures from a structural, organisational and staff perspective requires sound knowledge and many years of experience in the relevant areas of expertise!

Thoroughly trained friendz‘ MASTERS (plant security experts) have knowledge of the law, logistics and staff development from which safe and guest-​friendly designs can be created for implementation in cooperation, with the competent regulatory authorities and the production and planning staffs.

Many years of experience in the event and show segment facilitate accurately targeted and real-​world de-​escalation strategies, which lend the particular spirit” of the event a distinct character, providing a lasting, positive (stress-​free and undisturbed) experience for guests.

From the structural measures at the venue to the selection and training of a suitable security and support staff, all components are designed holistically and are checked for their technical and economic feasibility.


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friendz of Harmony are thoroughly trained Deescalation MASTERS.

We be on your side forever more.

Many years of experience in the event and event segment enable targeted and practical solutions.