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friendz of supply

Friends who never lose the overview!


Normally works on call. Never lose your nerve or your overview, even when things are really getting rough.

friendz of supply

We supply a helping hand for all work that needs to be done at trade fairs or events in connection with transport and set-​up. He also oversees the supply of equipment, information and stock.

As a true friend of supply” he does not just drive the stuff to the door, unloads and leaves again – no, a real friend gets to work and knows how to set up and demount equipment or sets.

The qualified logistics assistant works independently and takes care of the supply of material and personnel and always takes the initiative.

As a friend of supply”, he always has an overview of whether all equipment and all supplies are on site in sufficient quantities, whether the information material must be refilled or reordered, and whether enough helpers are available for unloading and construction. After the event, he knows where everything was placed, and where everything originally belongs.

Only sharp individuals, who never lose their nerve and the overview when things get busy – and whose serenity and know-​how at times seem to be the only guarantee that the customer will make it safely through the event.

We be on your side forever more.