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ISO 9001:2015, DIN 77200 and AZAV.

We meet the highest quality standards.


The quality management system covers all areas of the company and defines the company objectives, corporate structures, responsibilities, procedures and processes.

Quality & Certification

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015, DIN 77200 security services and AZAV.

In order to meet the highest quality standards of our security services, we use all quality assurance measures in connection with the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015. The quality management system encompasses all areas of the company, defines corporate goals, corporate structures, responsibilities, procedures and processes.

A central supplier assessment ensures the use of high-​quality and reliable materials and services. The project-​related training of our employees as well as the planned project takeovers are central elements of our quality assurance. We ensure a durable anchorage in our company through regular internal and external audits.

DIN 77200 security services

The DIN 77200 Requirements for security services” sets uniform and verifiable standards for security services. With the successful certification according to DIN 77200 we provide proof of having all necessary organizational, personnel and technical requirements.

The standards relate to the organization, management and functioning of the company, as well as the qualification of our security staff.

friendz Academy

The first goal is the placement of our participants into a workplace where they receive social insurance. For a successful entry into the world of work, we support our participants comprehensively, when trying to enter the job market for the first time. The friendz academy is currently being developed. In the course of the certification process, official recognition was requested. The area AZAV includes the promotion of vocational training (Sections 81 et seq. SGB III).

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