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"Was okay ..." We would never be happy with this evaluation of our performance!


The friendz Hosting support offers talented, smart and linguistically skilled employees for home security and guest care for the service in international top hotels, which is consistently designed for discreet perfection and unbreakable cordiality.

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For a service that is consistently designed for discrete perfection and unbreakable cordiality in top international hotels, the friendz hosting support offers talented, smart and linguistically skilled employees, who are perfect for home security and guest care.

Inhouse security staff: Prerequisite in any case, the »34a« examination, proof of expertise examination, impeccable manners and strong communication skills – but also a degree of craftsmanship know-​how, to be able to assist to guests also at night with small technical inconvenience, if necessary. For safe movement in the world of large international hotels we are thoroughly trained and honed. First of all, you learn that the guest is always right! With noticeable refined hotel experience and organizational-​administrative talent, a promotion to the head of operations (supervisor) is possible.

Lobby security staff: hand-​picked specialists for the  »representation« of your establishment. With »34a« and with certificate-​proof and extensive hotel experience, in terms of manners and language articulation »role model« is required

Merchandise security staff: with »34a« and above will documentation and reporting everything diligently. Hi is guarding »the belly« of the hotel and oversees the in and out of external staff, deliveries of goods, mail etc.

Event-​Security: of course with »34a« they are also very sociable when dealing with many guests. Ensures that events in your house clearly reflect the professional signature of your hotel

Vehicle service (valet parking) well-​groomed veterans with professional insurance coverage

Optional: Night guards: specially trained to hold all the strings in one hand while everyone else sleeps. Ideal for temporary long-​term jobs for talented high achievers accompanying their studies

Interim teams for alert situations (e.g. terror alert etc.) know what to do without immediately spreading  »panic mood«


For further information or an appointment for a job interview please contact Mr. Vincenzo Bruno at 069 /​ 74 30 85 71 or eMail: jobs@friendz.tv

friendz of Hosting support assist the in-​house teams in many different tasks.

That´s what friendz are for.

We fit in fully with the house’s support mode at the side of the in-​house service teams: always noticeable to the guest in the vicinity, but never as intrusive or annoying.