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friendz of Movie

On the set all clocks go differently!


What was just an irrefutable SCHEDULE” is 5 minutes later yesterday’s snow”. All those involved are expected to be extremely flexible – even 24 hours a day, if necessary.

local PRODUCTION support

For the turbulent working conditions on the set of a film shoot, our friendz of movie are ready to help as a blocker, set runner, driver and assembly and dismantling helpers and to ensure a smooth flow of the creative chaos.

Blockers /​ perimeter Blockers for women /​ men made of steel with an unusual liking of heat or cold, hunger and thirst, annoying motorists and always working overtime! (to be trained by us)

Set-​guard day /​ night for material and truck security. Prerequisite is passing the exam according to »§ 34a« (supported by us)

Helping Hands (trained by us) as relocation helper or motif refresher with much patience and understanding for chronic misjudgment of the effort

Set-​up assistant here long-​term set experience is needed, including handling disasters such as earthquake, shipwreck or prom

Clean Up – Berserker for fast set /​ motif and vehicle cleaning. They must be motivated like Aunt Käthe, if a visitor is expected at her home

Vehicle technician knowledgeable car specialists for the care of the set vehicles (gasoline in the blood!)

Driver Services – with driver’s license for 7.5 t. 12 t, 7.5 t + trailer and 30 t for courier services, runner services, relocation of production vehicles, chauffeur services and with unbreakable patience with regards to constantly changing locations, schedules and procedures.

Tinting (darkening of car windows) and Wrapping (film-​coating of vehicles)

»Leagalizing« (Requesting Authorizations for Barrier Measures)

Set-​Equipment Rental (instant access to production equipment from our warehouse)

Our proverbial modesty forbids us to cite here how crucial a perfect service is to the success of a shoot! But instead of boasting about our services, we enjoy and remain silent, always giving our best and wallowing in the affection of the stressed-​out film teams. Definitely do not live a slave existence, but a permanent opportunity to demonstrate our sense of responsibility and motivation and to be accepted everywhere as a good friend at eye level.


Do you feel called upon to increase the fame of our teams with your motivation and sovereignty? Contact: 069/​74 30 85 71 (Oliver) or eMail: jobs@friendz.tv

friendz of Movie are committed to their convictions – with a great passion for cinema and film.

That´s what friendz are for.

As blockers, night watchmen, location security, 24/​7 security, drivers, VIP shuttles or construction assistants for the set design, we take pleasure in the fact that a production takes shape take for take.