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We are the personal guardian angels of your guests.


We ensure a relaxed and secure process – not with muscles and an evil eye, but with brains and charm – just like friendz”.

local SIQURITY services

For events with ambitious goals, communication-​oriented and well-​rested caregivers are needed for the safety and subjective well-​being of the guests – sIQurity-​service with brains and heart instead of muscles!

Event security staff are trained and schooled for the following positions:

  • Access control
  • ticket devaluation
  • review
  • Stage SU
  • emergency exit
  • Parking coordination

Minimum requirement: »34a«. Enthusiasm, perseverance at the position, a lot of love for the big circus, where everything is always calculated too tight by the organizer: too few staff, too few breaks too little material. There you have to: pull yourself together, stand tall and giver your best, because the day is too good to complain most of the time! The rest you learn with us.

Supervisor /​ Head of Coordination for the management of team positions, communication with operations Centre and organizers and government services (police, fire and rescue services), documentation, coordination of evacuations – Demanding position with lots of responsibilities for experienced veterans, or as a worthwhile training goal for ambitious young talents who want to know”. »Safety expert« is a prerequisite, the rest we get into the right shape.

The creation of complete security concepts »PUBLIC HARMONY DESIGN« for large and small events will be done by qualified and experienced security experts (factory security masters) in cooperation with organizers, competent authorities and emergency services. Concepts for crowd control, venue design and evacuation plans.


Do you feel called upon to increase the fame of our teams with your motivation and sovereignty? Contact: 069/​74 30 85 71 (Oliver) or email to: jobs@friendz.tv

sIQurity-​friendz are top-​class specialists – you can always turn to them with confidence.

That´s what friendz are for!

Thanks to the latest communication technology, you always have a clear view! The sIQurity-​friendz are trained and educated by specialists from the security industry and rescue services.