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friendz of CINEMATIC support

We provide professional support for guest care in the cinema.


But also our very own security tasks, such as locking services or monetary escort services, are part of the repertoire of our services, as is much more.

local CINEMAGIC support

A visit to the cinema will once again become a social event for families and cliques. Sometimes it gets very busy. Patient and competent guest assistants will ensure that the »CINEMAGIC« never loses its shine.

Friendz inhouse security employees, specialised in the organisation of events, will reinforce your cinema team on all sides and guarantee the safety and comfort of your guests – our security employees will help to create a stress-​free environment and help your guest professionally and confidently and cater to all the needs of your guests. They help wherever bottlenecks threaten a smooth process, even at the entrance card control etc. Thanks to years of cinema experience, our employees can detect problems immediately and guarantee a perfect service.

Friendz inhouse security employees are primarily members of the cinema team, but in the first instance they are primarily security employees according to § 34a. In addition passing the appropriate test, there are still many important prerequisites for this job: open, tolerant attitude towards youthful exuberance in many forms, love for the curtain feeling”, well-​developed linguistic skills for conflict resolution or simply love for the audience. And last but not least: »Hands on« mentality!

Our event security employees ensure that events in your house do not descend into chaos. E.g at premieres (red carpet, on request, support of the artists). If interested, please contact friendz of slQurity.

Service staff (concession, etc.) – who wants to work and earn money where others spend their money in their spare time? Young audiences, young colleagues – a relaxed atmosphere in which »stress« can only be understood as an incentive to perform and proof oneself.

Optional: Clean-​up team for the precise and thorough preparation of the cinema rooms during the brief breaks in the game. They come with their own special equipment.


For more information on recruitment criteria and career prospects, please contact Mr Vincenzo Bruno on +49 (0) 69/​74 30 85 71 or e-​mail: jobs@friendz.tv

friendz of CINEMATIC support sind Spezialisten mit langjähriger Erfahrung.

When you’re troubled and you need a helping hand…

friendz of CINEMATIC support” don’t need a sheriff’s disguise to gain »respect« and have the necessary competence to act if necessary.